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Emergency Shelter

Homelessness is not just a city problem.  Rural homelessness is a hidden issue affecting many in our region. A car, a dumpster, the underside of a bridge, or just a tent in the woods, all have served as viable options in the past for those in our community without a home. 

Today, through the generosity of many, there is a place for those who find themselves in need. With an on-call volunteer team, and room for up to 6 individuals, the overnight shelter provides an opportunity to get cleaned up and get a good nights rest.

The shelter is open and available from November 1 to March 31. For more information about the shelter, please drop in to the Food Security program and speak with one of our volunteers or staff.

The shelter is in the basement of the food security program which allows for easy access to a home cooked meal and services that can connect individuals back to housing. If you are interested in helping by volunteering or donating to support, please call 519-765-2444 or email at


One of the greatest needs in most communities is affordable and accessible housing. Here at The Family Central we offer 1 or 2 bedroom apartments to individuals who desire a helping hand through our program based initiative.

What is the programmed based initiative? While we believe every person should have a home, we also believe in helping people to heal, to find direction for their future, and surround them with the supports needed to bridge the distance from their today to their tomorrow. So we walk alongside people to help them overcome barriers to achieve their goals.

If you are interested in finding a place in one of our programmed based apartments or would like to support this initiative and our need to expand, please connect via phone at 519-765-2444 or email